photo by Julia Corbett

photo by Julia Corbett

Casey Zabala offers private readings in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as distance readings over video chat, email, or phone. 

For remote readings, click here to view availability and book online

Mondays + Thursdays, Casey is available at The Scarlet Sage Herb Co., on Valencia Street, click here to book online.

About Casey: 

Casey Zabala is an artist, tarot reader, practicing witch, and wandering mystic. Her self published tarot deck, Wanderer's Tarot, is a feminist tarot deck for modern witches. With 16 years of tarot experience, Casey has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while incorporating elements of natural magic and manifestation techniques to her offerings. She believes the tarot is a tool for personal empowerment and healing, and hopes to empower others to use the tarot as a vehicle for self-discovery.

Casey teaches mystical workshops which center on tarot and divination, and also include crystal healing, magical self-care, and principles of manifestation. Casey aims to guide individuals through their personal transformation with creativity and magic, by teaching ancient tools to modern seekers, while creating community along the way. Casey is the founder of the Modern Witches Confluence, an educational gathering of modern witches sharing their wisdom and their craft.

What can I expect?

Expect to deepen your sense of self-knowing. You may have the experience of pre-cognition during your tarot reading.  You may realize, deep down you already  knew the answer to the struggle you are facing. Tarot has the ability to dispel our confusion, clear our inner haze, and speak directly to our core. During our sessions, we will identify your personal goals and assess how to create and attract growth opportunities tailored to you. Each tarot reading will lead you to a better understanding of the challenges you face, and the rewards you may accept. 


"Casey really helped me during a major life transition. She was able to tap into where I was and encourage me on my path to where I am going by giving me insights and inquiry. You can feel the depth of her relationship to the tarot in her readings and she gives you the messages you need to hear. She is the best!" ~ P. A. 

"Casey is a wonderful Tarot reader and mentor. As an experienced reader, she guides one through her insights with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. I am just starting my Tarot mentoring with her, and she is already a role model to me, and has provided great feedback as an intuitive reader." ~ L. N. 

"I have been intimidated by the wisdom of the tarot for a while.  I was
unsure what to expect from a reading, but my imagination led me to
believe the process might include the reader telling me truths I did
not want to hear.  Part of what helped me feel comfortable in seeking
a tarot reading from Casey came from my knowledge of her hand-crafted
deck, and tarot cards in general.  I purchased The Wanderer's Tarot a
few years ago, and its accompanying guidebook gave important insight
into the workings of the tarot.  It no longer felt like agreeing to a
reading would be subjecting myself to judgement or premonitions from a
psychic, but instead opening my vision to include intuitive
interpretation.  I also felt comfortable when asking Casey to read my
cards because I know her personally: Casey is a humble yet powerful
force, gentle and clear in a tangible way.  The reading Casey gave me
felt strong and important, and I found myself grabbing on to each card
turned over, each word she spoke.  And it was not at all scary!  It
was an empowering experience I am grateful to have participated in.
No doubt, I will return to the guidance of the tarot and Casey's
interpretation in the years to come.  Casey's reading was a true gift
I am grateful to have received." ~ L. B.