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Casey Zabala offers private readings in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as distance readings over skype, email, or phone, for online bookings see below or email

Every Monday, Casey is available at The Scarlet Sage Herb Co., on Valencia Street, between 4-7pm. Walk-ins welcome, or click here to book online.

Thursdays, Casey is available at Crystal Way Castro, between 12-7pm for private tarot consultations. Walk-ins welcome, or click here to book online

Saturdays, Casey is available at Crystal Way, on 9th Ave. between 11am - 5pm for private tarot consultations. Click here to book online


With 15  years of tarot experience, Casey has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while incorporating aspects of natural magic and manifestation techniques to her offerings. Passionate about mystical and magical arts, Casey hopes to do her part to heal the collective through individual tarot readings and artistic explorations.

The Tarot is a tool for personal empowerment and healing. During our sessions, we will identify your personal goals and assess how to create and attract growth opportunities tailored to you.

What is a tarot reading?

Tarot is for entering into the present moment, deepening your connection with your soul, and for unfolding the magical possibilities available to you.

Tarot is a symbiotic relationship. First we open our hearts and our minds to the messages, then we practice the lessons we are given. In order to feel the results of your reading, you must activate those learnings in your daily life. Just like a good spell.

How does it work?

The Tarot is an ancient system of symbols and archetypes with the ability to mirror our personal and spiritual journey. By creating a tailored tarot spread, we can create a personal narrative that will help you move through blocked or stagnant energies, while recognizing areas of opportunity.

Tarot works through the principle of synchronicity. Synchronicity is simply the understanding that we live in a totally interconnected universe, whereby all things happen for a reason. We are the ultimate creators of our reality, and the tarot guides us in co-creating balance and abundance. The tarot speaks to those who are willing to listen.

What can I expect?

Expect to be surprised, and expect to deepen your sense of self-knowing. You may have the experience of pre-cognition during your tarot reading.  You may realize, deep down you already  knew the answer to the struggle you are facing. Tarot has the ability to dispel our confusion, clear our inner haze, and speak directly to our core. Each tarot reading will lead you to a better understanding of the challenges you face, and the rewards you may accept.

What do I need to prepare?

Be open and honest about your life situation. Your tarot reading will be fulfilling and illuminating if you are willing to embrace the messages. Arrive with a question, a dilemma, or a desire to deepen your understanding of self. The tarot reading will speak for itself.